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The present legal warning regulates the use and utilization of the website www.immpulso.es whose owner is Serveis pcilleida consultoria, S.L (From now on, WEBSITE’S OWNER).

The navigation around WEBSITE’S OWNER attributes him the condition of USER of the same and means his full acceptance and without reservation of all and each one of the conditions published in this legal warning, warning that these conditions will be able to be modified without previous notification for part of the WEBSITE’S OWNER, in that case will proceed  to his publication and warning with as soon as possible.

Therefore it is recommended to read attentively the following content in case you would want to have access and make use of the information and /or the offered services in this website.

Besides, the user MUST make a good  use of the website in accordance  with the laws, the good faith, the public order, the uses of the traffic and the present Legal Warning, and will answer in front  of the WEBSITE’S OWNER or in front  of third parties, out of any damages that could cause as a consequence of the failure of this obligation.

Any different utilization to the authorized is on purpose forbidden, given the power to THE WEBSITE’S OWNER to decline or withdraw the access and his use to any moment.


THE WEBSITE’S OWNER  in fulfillment of the Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, of Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Trade, informs that:

His social denomination is: Serveis pcilleida consultoria, S.L

His Company VAT (CIF) is: B664463100

His social domicile is in Tuset, 24, Barcelona, 08006

Inscribed in the Mercantile Register Barcelona on the 27/10/2015 at  T 2906, F 93, S 8, H T 48950, I/A


You can reach us at the following number: 973 725 999

All notifications and communications between the users and THE WEBSITE’S OWNER will be considered  effective, with general nature, when realized  through any means of the detailed previously.


The website and its services are for free. Nevertheless, THE WEBSITE’S OWNER can condition the utilization of some of the services offered to this website if fulfilling the corresponding form.

The user guarantees the authenticity and updates that the owner of this website will post, THE WEBSITE’S OWNER will be the only responsible of false accusations or blasphemy

The user that engages  on purpose to do a suitable use of the contents and services of THE WEBSITE’S OWNER and to not try to do any of the following:

Spread information,  violent, porno, racist, xenophobe, offensive, or terrorism apology or, in general, opposites matters of the law or the public order.

Enter to the network a computer viruses or any susceptible performances to alter, ruin, interrupt or generate errors or damages in the electronic documents, data or physical and logical systems of THE WEBSITE’S OWNER or of a third person; as well as hinder the access of other website’s users  and to its services by means of the massive consumption of the computer resources through which THE WBSITE’S OWNER loans his services.

Trying to have access to email accounts of other users or to restricted areas of the computer system OF THE WEBSITE’S OWNER or of third, it’s not allowed.

Violate the rights of intelligent property  or industrial, as well as infringed  the confidentiality of the information of THE WEBSITE’S OWNER or of a third.

Supplant the identity of any one other user.

Reproduce, copy, distribute, put to the disposal of, or any one other shape of public communication, transform or modify the contents, shot that count  with the authorization of the headline of the corresponding right or this result legally allowed.

Collect data with advertising purpose and to remit advertising of any class and communications with purposes of sale or others of commercial nature without that it take part his previous requests or consent.

All the contents of the place web, as a texts, photographies, graphic, images, icons, technology, software, as well as his graphic design and codes source, constitute a work the property of which belong to THE WEBSITE’S OWNER, without that they can understand yielded to the user any of the rights of misuse on the same further of the strictly necessary for the correct use of the web.

In definite, the users with access to this website can visualize the contents and proceed to act, if needed, authorized private copies  whenever the elements reproduced are not yielded later to a third, nor installed to other servers connected to networks or become an object of exploitation.

Likewise, all brands, trading names or distinctive signs of any class that appear in this website are property THE WEBSITE’S OWNER. Therefore, it’s an understanding that users don’t have any power on them.

The distribution, modification, cession or public communication of the contents and any other act that has not been on purpose authorized for the right-holder will  remain forbidden.

The establishment of a hiperlink does not involve in no case the existence of relations between THE WEBSITE’S OWNER and the owner of the site established , neither the acceptance and approval for part of THE WEBSITE’S OWNER of the other’s contents or services.

THE WEBSITE’S OWNER is under no circumstances responsible for the use that each user gives to the material demeanors on their disposal in this websit, neither of the performances that they realize on the base of the same.


The content of the present  website  is of general nature and has a merely informative purpose, without that it fully guarantees the access to all contents, neither its correction or currency nor utility for a specific aim.

THE WEBSITE’S OWNER excludes until allowed the EUROPEAN LEGAL SYSTEM , any responsibility for the damages and damages of all nature derived of:

The impossibility of access to the web or the veracity fault, completeness and/or updates of contents, as well as the existence of vices and defects of all class of transmitted contents, disseminated, stored, put to disposal, to have access  through the web or offered services.

The presence of a virus or any other element in the contents that can produce alterations in the computer systems, electronic documents or data of the users.

The unfulfillment of the laws, the good faith, the public order, traffic use and the present legal warning as a consequence of the wrong use of the website. In particular, and as to give an example, THE WEBSITE’S OWNER  is not responsible of the performances of a third person who is putting to risk or making vulnerable the rights of the intelligent and industrial property, business secrets, rights to the honor, to the personal and familiar privacy and to its own image, as well as the normative in matter of disloyal competition and advertising unlawful.

Likewise, THE WEBSITE’S OWNER declines any responsibility regarding the information that can  be found  on the website and is not being controlled by our webmaster. The function of the links that appear in this web is exclusively  to inform to the user of the existence of other susceptible sources, to expand the contents that offers this website. WEBSITE’S OWNER does not guarantee nor holds responsible for the operation or accessibility of the links; neither it suggests, invites or recommends the visitor to do to the same, thus neither will be responsible of the result obtained. THE WEBSITE’S OWNER  does not hold responsible of the establishment of hiperlinks for part of third.


In case that any user or a third considers that it exist facts or circumstances that reveal the character unlawful on the utilization of any content and/or of the realization of any activity of the website or of the shared links websites, must send a notification to THE WEBSITE’S OWNER identifying properly and specifying the supposed infractions.


The administrative information given through the website does not substitute the legal advertising of the laws, normative, plans, general disposals and acts that have to be published formally to the official newspapers of the public administrations, that constitute the only instrument that gives faith of his authenticity and content. The available information in this website has to be understood as a guide without purpose of legal validity.


The present conditions will apply through the valid Spanish legislation.

The language used will be Catalan.