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Improve the visibility of your Social Networks

Here we bring you 8 strategies to improve your visibility in Social Networks, nowadays any company creates a profile on Facebook that they update every 4 weeks and for that reason they already think that the work is already done, but the fact is that the really difficult is to be visible in Social Networks and create a community around us that creates this interactivity between the client and our brand to help us grow and at the same time attract new customers.

So we want to help you to make your Social Networks better and grow.

  1. Create visual content that is very attractive, write a small text where you have to take into account grammar and spelling and review the content very well before publishing it. Publish material that users may find really interesting and that forms this pro activity between company> user.
  2. Publish the material in the hours that you know that your audience is much higher, this will make your visibility much better by the number of people online at that time. And how can I know what is the best moment? Well, the same social networks on many occasions already give you the statistics on what are the hours and days of the week that most visitors have your page.
  3. To have a greater diffusion of your Social Networks includes the icon of all those that you own in your Web page, Newsletter even in the signature of the mail so that they have a greater visibility. The more links you have, the easier it will be for your users to find you.
  4. Another tool that is making this contact much easier is the Call to Action button, which is placed on the Web / blog / social networks that encourages potential customers to take a specific action. Among other buttons that can be included as we call you !? or subscribe!?
  5. Include questions in your content, to create responses in your users, such as “Label the friend you would like to give you this.” among others according to our type of business.
  6. Creating contests and sweepstakes among our users produces an increase of our community in our Social Networks, every time a person enters the draw and interacts there is a high probability that he will follow our social network and visit him frequently to follow these contests and raffles.
  7. Promote publications that work well and already have likes is one of the best features to take advantage that are already interactive and create more interaction between new potential customers. You just have to enter a powerful image and a powerful copy that does not leave you indifferent.
  8. Use popular hashtags s, trendings topics to get more visibility that are related to your brand, consistent and that can attract potential customers for your brand.

These are some of the guidelines to follow to create greater visibility of Social Networks.

Optimizar home corporative responsive


The corporate home, can be published with optimization to compete for the top positions of the search engines, the really difficult thing is to maintain that position that we all want, everything and that due to the lack of updating of this type of web pages is complicated.

Here we bring you some of the guidelines to keep your page in constant maintenance:

– Update the site frequently, one of the most outstanding elements and that help maintain those positions is a slider with outstanding images about our business, offers etc. It must be said that these images must be accompanied by a text box to improve the positioning, together with a correct optimization.

– Social Networks and Newsletter, if this slider we give an added value as a commercial hook and we give a diffusion in different media, we will appeal to our customers to visit our website. All this combined with the dynamic content of our Web, this is the one that is updated constantly in the inner pages of our corporate page.

– Dynamic and static content, all the points previously mentioned together with the dynamic content that we can form from home to our internal pages, either with promotions, news section, etc. They will create a dynamism in our most dynamic pages towards our most static pages. These pages named static, are so called because they are not subject to a constant update such as a news page, but may have minor changes throughout the year such as: modification of images, add services of the company etc.

In short, the key to a good SEO positioning is the combination between updating content on our page, good optimization of our site and dynamic management with our networks

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You’re still not up to date with SEO, here we bring you the 6 trends for this 2018.

Each year the technology advances and new ways to improve SEO and with it digital marketing tactics appear.

  1. Linkbaiting, the main objective is the quality of the links to improve the positioning, this will continue to be a relevant trend for 2018. The intention is to get attractive enough links from different domains for a greater pleasure of the search engines.
  2. User experience, generates relevance, we must take into account the methods used (mobile, tablet or computer). Responsive designs will be the key to a faster load and in turn cause a more pleasant feeling to the user.
  3. Searches by voice, will have a great relevance, every time are more the users that use it to realize their consultations in Internet. So we will have to pay attention to SEO and Long Tail systems, in addition to having our website optimized for voice searches will be the key.
  4. Audiovisual content and quality, are the kings of 2018. Having a good quality content helps more people to enter our Web. It also optimizes the content with the SEO parameters and we will add the audiovisual content to improve the result.
  5. SSL Certificate (pages with https), will make your website look safe and there are more people who decide to enter it.
  6. The rich fragments will also be important for search engines, being one of the most influential SEO positioning that will position the first places and increase your CTR.


WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems on the web. According to the W3Techs survey, as of October 1, 2017, about 28.8% of websites rely on WordPress as a content management or blogging platform. This CMS shows the highest growth rate for several years in a row.

What makes it so popular?

1) WordPress is easy to use, even for non-techies
2) It has a rich functionality
3) It is flexible
4) It’s absolutely free

However, there are a few things you should understand before you start optimizing your WordPress website.

Keep in mind that a WordPress website does not differ from any website. You should apply the same search engine optimization techniques to any other website.
WordPress is often referred to as a SEO friendly content management system (CMS). In fact, it’s true: WordPress allows you to implement many SEO techniques on the page.
Some crucial changes to WordPress SEO require that you click on PHP or HTML or that you install and match the add-ons. If any of these words are scary, be prepared to spend more time reading additional tutorials.

Friendly URLs:

Earlier versions of WordPress did not allow it, but with the updates they got the URLs right, for example, http://mydomain.com/2016/02/28/sample-post/

WordPress does not create a physical and permanent robots.txt file on the server. The CMS generates it on the fly, when a client requests it through http://mydomain.com/robots.txt. However, if you manually create a robots.txt file in the WordPress root directory, you will override the default settings.
XML Sitemap

WordPress does not generate XML sitemaps. You can use one of the add-ons to add this functionality. Google XML Sitemaps is probably the most widely used and reliable solution. When choosing an XML generator plug-in, make sure you allow the following:

Include / exclude user-defined URLs
Include / exclude WordPress taxonomies
Set Crawl Priority
Change the tracking frequency.