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Improve the visibility of your Social Networks

redes sociales visibilizar posicionamiento SEO

Improve the visibility of your Social Networks

Here we bring you 8 strategies to improve your visibility in Social Networks, nowadays any company creates a profile on Facebook that they update every 4 weeks and for that reason they already think that the work is already done, but the fact is that the really difficult is to be visible in Social Networks and create a community around us that creates this interactivity between the client and our brand to help us grow and at the same time attract new customers.

So we want to help you to make your Social Networks better and grow.

  1. Create visual content that is very attractive, write a small text where you have to take into account grammar and spelling and review the content very well before publishing it. Publish material that users may find really interesting and that forms this pro activity between company> user.
  2. Publish the material in the hours that you know that your audience is much higher, this will make your visibility much better by the number of people online at that time. And how can I know what is the best moment? Well, the same social networks on many occasions already give you the statistics on what are the hours and days of the week that most visitors have your page.
  3. To have a greater diffusion of your Social Networks includes the icon of all those that you own in your Web page, Newsletter even in the signature of the mail so that they have a greater visibility. The more links you have, the easier it will be for your users to find you.
  4. Another tool that is making this contact much easier is the Call to Action button, which is placed on the Web / blog / social networks that encourages potential customers to take a specific action. Among other buttons that can be included as we call you !? or subscribe!?
  5. Include questions in your content, to create responses in your users, such as “Label the friend you would like to give you this.” among others according to our type of business.
  6. Creating contests and sweepstakes among our users produces an increase of our community in our Social Networks, every time a person enters the draw and interacts there is a high probability that he will follow our social network and visit him frequently to follow these contests and raffles.
  7. Promote publications that work well and already have likes is one of the best features to take advantage that are already interactive and create more interaction between new potential customers. You just have to enter a powerful image and a powerful copy that does not leave you indifferent.
  8. Use popular hashtags s, trendings topics to get more visibility that are related to your brand, consistent and that can attract potential customers for your brand.

These are some of the guidelines to follow to create greater visibility of Social Networks.