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llop obiols - LLOP-OBIOLS

Currently Maderas Llop-Obiols S.A. Has two wholesale outlets within Lleida, a center located in Corbins Ctra., Specialized in all kinds of woods, where you can find the best current international productions: Stora Enso and Setra, sustainable productions, and Leaders in the world market. The other center located in the Torreserona Ctra. Specialized in all type of prefabricated products: panels, agglomerates, melamines, OSB, parquets, moldings, doors, striping, etc. It also has state-of-the-art machinery that specializes in the cutting, grinding or mowing and mechanization of both wood and board. At the same time the availability of applying treatments to the wood, ie autoclaves Risk III, Risk IV and fire wood and board.

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