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Optimizar home corporative responsive


The corporate home, can be published with optimization to compete for the top positions of the search engines, the really difficult thing is to maintain that position that we all want, everything and that due to the lack of updating of this type of web pages is complicated.

Here we bring you some of the guidelines to keep your page in constant maintenance:

– Update the site frequently, one of the most outstanding elements and that help maintain those positions is a slider with outstanding images about our business, offers etc. It must be said that these images must be accompanied by a text box to improve the positioning, together with a correct optimization.

– Social Networks and Newsletter, if this slider we give an added value as a commercial hook and we give a diffusion in different media, we will appeal to our customers to visit our website. All this combined with the dynamic content of our Web, this is the one that is updated constantly in the inner pages of our corporate page.

– Dynamic and static content, all the points previously mentioned together with the dynamic content that we can form from home to our internal pages, either with promotions, news section, etc. They will create a dynamism in our most dynamic pages towards our most static pages. These pages named static, are so called because they are not subject to a constant update such as a news page, but may have minor changes throughout the year such as: modification of images, add services of the company etc.

In short, the key to a good SEO positioning is the combination between updating content on our page, good optimization of our site and dynamic management with our networks