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Social networks and referential traffic

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Social networks and referential traffic

Increasingly, social networks are a reference in the reference traffic that has increased by 50% during the last year. This makes it an added value when linking our social networks with our websites. The most influential social networks that redirect more traffic to our website are Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, which since 2012 have increased by 59%, 54% and 67% respectively.

As for visits from YouTube and LinkedIn, they have seen a slight increase, all of which is still not very relevant, and they have positioned themselves at 53% and 35% respectively since 2012. YouTube is expected to be a potential search engine for brands. because of its constant increase in the development of videos. As for LinkedIn, it grows little by little due to its recent implantation in the Social Networks market. Google everything and be one of the first social networks users still do not consider it as a source of useful information that is why we have managed to increase 7%, but let’s not forget that Google can make a change at any time that modifies current trends .

In conclusion, social networks and e-commerce form a very good group and that causes 70% of users to come from Social Networks to online stores to purchase products, intervening in the purchase process as a direct channel to our products.