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You’re still not up to date with SEO, here we bring you the 6 trends for this 2018.

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You’re still not up to date with SEO, here we bring you the 6 trends for this 2018.

Each year the technology advances and new ways to improve SEO and with it digital marketing tactics appear.

  1. Linkbaiting, the main objective is the quality of the links to improve the positioning, this will continue to be a relevant trend for 2018. The intention is to get attractive enough links from different domains for a greater pleasure of the search engines.
  2. User experience, generates relevance, we must take into account the methods used (mobile, tablet or computer). Responsive designs will be the key to a faster load and in turn cause a more pleasant feeling to the user.
  3. Searches by voice, will have a great relevance, every time are more the users that use it to realize their consultations in Internet. So we will have to pay attention to SEO and Long Tail systems, in addition to having our website optimized for voice searches will be the key.
  4. Audiovisual content and quality, are the kings of 2018. Having a good quality content helps more people to enter our Web. It also optimizes the content with the SEO parameters and we will add the audiovisual content to improve the result.
  5. SSL Certificate (pages with https), will make your website look safe and there are more people who decide to enter it.
  6. The rich fragments will also be important for search engines, being one of the most influential SEO positioning that will position the first places and increase your CTR.

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